About the expert

Veda Dean is the Founder and COO at Panda & Wolf Holding - a startup founded in 2017 that has now evolved to a Holding and acclaimed as the Top 500 Most Innovative Startups in Africa by the Bank of Africa and BMCE in 2018.

She started Higher Education with Medical Science before transitioning to Advertising & Design Communication, Applied Arts, at the University of Arts, London - Central St Martins, alongside Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, Business Administration and Corporate Communications.

Embracing the core values of female leadership, innovation and growth, Veda is also the recipient of several international awards:

  1. ‘Female role model of the Year 2019’ at the Southern Africa Startup Awards, an international competition that celebrates key actors of the Startup Industry across the globe;
  2. ‘Best Sustainable IT Innovation’ for ‘Eco-Warriors’ (Women in Tech Africa);
  3. ‘Digital Women Award’ for ‘SheThePeople’, ‘Google India’ and ‘Colors TV’.

The Relevance of Eco Entrepreneur-ship in Today's World

Learn what is eco entrepreneurship, how to know if one is an eco-entrepreneur, how eco-friendly is the solution, why do you need to be an eco-entrepreneur, how and where to start, and examples in Mauritius

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